Signature Application

Identifying signature on a document and giving match with a kyc document with confidence percent.

Handwriting Recognition

Devising a deep learning approach detect handwritten text.

Car Damage Detection

Identifying area of car damage and giving the type of damage like crash, scratch etc.

Data Extraction in Thai Language

OCR for Thai car numberplates and car registration booklet.

Auto Number Plate Detection

Detecting number plate on a car and using OCR to read it.

Distracted Driver Detection

From the image finding whether the driver is distracted and recognizing type of distraction.

Automated Cheque Reading

OCR for reading cheque date and amount.

Photo ID Verification

Giving confidence percent for match between current photo submitted for KYC and photo and official document.

Caption Generation For E-commerce

It generates the caption for products automatically which can be used by e-commerce websites.

Image Based Recsys

Recommendation system based on just the images of the products.